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Amrit Vela

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Amrit Vela is very important for a Sikh. It is prime time to mediate and become one with Vahiguroo. We must do simran. We find it hard to get up at Amrit Vela, the following are some personal tips one can try.

Alarm Clock:
I often find my self turning the alarm of first thing. So you set up one clock near you to go of 10 minutes earlyer. Set up another alarm clock away from your bed so you have to get up to turn it of. If you have a mobile one idea is to get it on that with a loud keertan as the alarm.

Some people find it good to have a CD player nearby so they can press play and have keertan playing which may help you in waking up.

Night before get to sleep early. Most important is before you sleep after Kirtan Sohila do an ardaas asking for blessing of Guroo Sahib to help you get up at Amrit Vela. I found this to be one of the most important factors whithout which I would never have felt the russ of amrit vela.

Keshi Ishnaan:
Wash your kesh in water only. Tie your keski around your waist placing kangha in it. You dont need to drench them. The water must be cold and then directed to the skull rubbing water in. Your kesh will become damp, this helps you to wake up and become more alert. Use a micro fibber towel, these are said to soak in the water as they are very fine, these are available from sports shops.

Try and have your ishnaan with cold water. It can be hard but it helps to wake up your senses and gets your body doing naam simran naturally.

These are some tips which I hope help. I found the following on I hope it is of use. There are numerous quotes in gurbani to amrit vela. It is all about kirpa do ardaas from your heart and Guroo Sahib does kirpa.

Author: Admin
Date: 07-27-04 08:52

Waking Up For Amrit Vela
By G. Udham Singh in Gurmat Sidhaant Saagar
Translated by Admin

1. That Sikh who remembers Vahiguru at Amrit Vela will achieve liberation.

2. Ishnan, nitnem and simran/abhyaas at amrit vela can transform the individual

3. Only that person can wake up for amrit vela who forsakes laziness and remembers death.

4. It is just as essential for every Gursikh to wake up in the last quarter of the night, amrit vela, as it is to do simran.

5. That person that remains asleep at amrit vela goes without the blessings and grace of Vahiguru

6. The best way of waking up for amrit vela is to eat little at night and to go to sleep on time.

7. It is at amrit vela that currents of Vahiguru's blessings are flowing but those who remain asleep at this time cannot enjoy them

8. Until the stars disappear, it is the fourth quarter of the night, amrit vela,
which is considered the most conducive time to meditate and worship Vahiguru.

9. That person that longs to wake up at amrit vela will be woken up on
time by some secret power.

10. After doing Sohila Sahib, and before going to sleep, doing ardaas for the ability to wake up at amrit vela is very beneficial.

11. That Gursikh who is thirsting for naam and baaNee will find that this thirst will be like the alarm which wakes him/her up.

12. Even cows, birds and roosters wake up at amrit vela. If a Sikh does not, it is his own bad karma.

13. It is a natural phenomenon that at amrit vela, even flowers blossom and spread their scent more than at any other time.

14. That person who wants to meditate on Vahiguru must make it a daily habit to wake up at amrit vela.

15. It is not enough to just wake up at amrit vela, ishnaan and simran are also essential.

16. Those individuals who spend their nights lost in vices and evil and then sleep through amrit vela are destroying their own lives.

17. The way in which our minds can be attached to simran and baaNee at amrit vela is not possible at any other time.

18. All great saints, rishis, munis, bhagats and Gursikhs all have woken up at amrit vela.

19. That person's life is fruitful and worthwhile who wakes up every day at amrit vela and remembers Vahiguru.

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