Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bhai Rama Singh 9 - Last message on Bhai sahib ji

From: "jagjit singh"
Date: Fri Aug 9, 2002 9:18 am
Subject: Last message on Bhai sahib ji

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, todays message is the last on Bhai sahib Rama Singh ji. Tomorrow is his funeral.

It is very easy to say not to have attachment (Moh) with anyone, but not so easily done. However it is important to remember that tommorrow, all that we will see is Bhai Sahib jis body. This is just the vessel in which Bhai sahib was. It is not him. The soul was free along time ago long before even when he left this earth. The vessel will just be dust, and we should not attach ourselves to the vessel. If we want to remember Bhai Sahib then we should remember his words, his kindness, his smile, and the sparkle in his eyes everytime he looked at us. This was Bhai Sahib, his soul, which is free.

For a while now, Bhai sahib had left, even while alive. He did not live at the house, or live amongst us, he just visited to give his darshan, fulfill his worldly tasks, and finish the seva and tests that Guru maharaj had given him. I have seen in my short time in sikhi, many Gursikhs, that live in their own worlds. They remain quite and secluded, involving in the worldly game, and doing the seva that they can, but experiencing their own unique Rass from the real world that revealed itself to them. For they are the ones who realises what Kalyug actually is, as everytime they return to this world, its workings, it is kalyug. Hence these Gursikhs, plead that they always remember Waheguru in their hearts, for a even a second in kalyug is too much, as guru sahib himself states in bani, that even a second without your presence is too much for me to bear.

We should all be happy for Bhai sahib for he has gone to the place that he deserved, something far better than anything on this earth. And wish that we ourselves can just become half the Gursikh he was, then that would be an achievement.

I am not sure if anything that I have written has been helpful, but I thougth I would do my best for someone, who was one of the best living examples of sikhi that I have ever seen.

waheguru ji ke khalsa,waheguru ji ke fateh



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