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Bhai Rama Singh 6 - Bhai sahib Rama Singh ji, Bhai sahib Jeevan Singh ji and humour

From: "jagjit singh"
Date: Tue Aug 6, 2002 10:20 am
Subject: Bhai sahib Rama Singh ji, Bhai sahib Jeevan Singh ji and humourWaheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

I remember a few years ago, when it was Gravesend rainsbhai. A friend and myself were just about to enter the Gurdwara, when we met Bhai sahib Rama Singh just outside the gurdwara. He greeted us with a Gurfateh. As we all walked into the foyer. Coming out of the restroom was Bhai sahib Jeevan Singh. My friend nudged me saying, look this is probably the two greatest souls we are likely to see in our lifetime.

Bhai Rama Singh ji and Bhai Jeevan Singh ji walked straight towards each other, and exchanged fateh. Then Bhai Jeevan singh ji said, "Bhai Sahib you have some dirt on the bottom of your Chola, let me clean it for you", bending down at Bhai Rama Singh ji`s feet. At once Bhai Rama Singh ji also bent straight down grapping Bhai jeevan singh ji`s feet. Next we saw the most hilarious sight of the these two Gursikhs have a mini-wrestling match touching each others feet. Both laughed and hugged each other, before moving further in to the foyer. There was so much pyar between the two of them.

Bhai Rama Singh ji was an introvert, quiet and serene. But he had an excellent sense of humour. Bhai Sahib was always radiant, smiling with shining eyes, but when he laughed his face shone.

I remember once on the way back from a camp, we stopped at a petrol station. While the others went inside, Bhai sahib said to me lets go and sit on that bench and do Mool mantar da jap. When the others got back, they asked Bhai sahib about the camp, and what he thought. He started telling them a story about a mixup between 2 bibian and their cameras. I cannot remember the exact story, but he thought it was hilarious. We didn`t get the joke, but seeing Bhai Sahib burst into laughter, made everyone else burst into laughter aswell.

Once I dropped Bhai sahib off at home after a programme. I usually did not go in because I wanted to respect the privacy of the family he lived with. I did not think it good if loads of us were always hanging around. So many families in Southall wanted Bhai sahib to live with them. They used to say to us sometimes to tell Bhai sahib to come and live with them. We always replyed it is Bhai sahib decision where he wishs to live, it is not for us to say. The family that Bhai sahib lived with is a really nice family. This day Bhai sahib specifically kept saying to me to come in. I think he wanted to speak about something. I said fateh to the family, and Bhai sahib showed me his garden. He loved nature. We spoke for quite a while that day. later when we came back sitting in his room, I said to him, " Bhai sahib, the family you live with is really nice. He said to me, that they have known each other from previous lives. The singh and Bhai sahib used to fight in Guru sahib ji`s fauj together. At this Bhai sahib burst out in laughter, and said to me that in them days he was the tall and big one, and the other singh was short. (The Gursikh bhai sahib used to live with is very tall and muscular).

Bhai sahib rarely talked about such things. He always emphaised nirmarta and the need to build a jeevan. I think this why his book was such a revelation to alot of people, that he said so much. But I know there was so much he still kept gupt. Bhai Sahib only wrote what he wrote to help people towards the true path. He wanted to clear so many superstitions, and predjudices. He wanted people to realise how special sikhi is and what everyone can achieve with Udham. It was not written with ego or for fame, bhai sahib has always had fame, even before the book. Everyone knew he had something special. Bhai sahib wanted poeple to strive forward to create a khalsa raj, realise their potential, and the blessings of Guru maharaj.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru jike fateh


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