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Bhai Rama Singh 8 - Shabad on Bhai sahibs personality.

From: "jagjit singh"
Date: Thu Aug 8, 2002 10:29 am
Subject: Shabad on Bhai sahibs personality.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, continuing on this week long celebration of Bhai sahib jis life on akj egroup. I thought this one I would send to all egroups, as I think everyone will relate to this. Rather than writing stories, today I thought we would share a shabad of Sahib Siri Guru Tegh Bahadhur, which discusses the Sadhu, a Gurmukh. I have below include much discussion on this shabad. Compiling what many poeple have written, the whole shabad reminded me of bhai sahib ji. I did want to go into Mooh ( attachment ) of bhai sahib. Praise should only be of Guru and Waheguru, hence I thought this shabad is more appropriate. It is a long e-mail, but like I said, I thought it most appropriate.

Bani Of Sahib Siri Guru Tegh Bahadhur ji.

Sadho man ka man tyago

O seekers of truth, cost down your vanity,

Lust, wrath and wicked companions;

Flee, flee them day and night. Refrain.

That man has understood the essence of existence,

Who in happiness and suffering,

Remains poised with equanimity;

Who in glory and shame,

Feels just the same,

Who is detached from joy,

As well from sorrow and pain;

Who cares not for praise;

Not even for blame.

But seeks the state of Nirvana.

Says Nanak, it is an arduous game,

Which few Divine sages comprehend.

Translated by Bhai Tarlochan Singh ji Delhi

It was once said, “ They, whose minds are not disturbed, when the sources of the disturbance of present, are truly brave.” For all seekers of Truth, two fundamental things are necessary. They must completely discard lust, wrath, and the company of wicked men. They must renounce those passions, which blind, man's vision of truth, and blunt his feelings for doing good in this world. They must strive to attain the highest state of an enlightened man, the Gurmukh: the saint-soldier- whose face is always turned towards Divine light. Sahib Siri Guru Arjan Dev ji calls the person a Brahm-gyani, a mystic philosopher, to whom God has revealed Himself.

He proclaims by his character and achievements the man can rise above the limitations which nature puts on him. He is sovereign of the soul. Strong and self-poised in self-control. He takes pain and pleasure, heat and cold, glory and injury alike. With his mind free from all dark forces, he senses sublimated, he lives in the joy of inner illumination and knowledge of truth. Tranquil in spirit, free from all fear, the gravest grief does not disturb his inner peace. He is stainless, serene, well balanced, un-perplexed, with his mind ever fixed on the love of God.

The Chinese philosopher, Confucius, amazing describes, the Gurmukh as a superior man, and contrasts him with the inferior man, what we refer to in Gurbani as a Manmukh. “ The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell. The superior man loves his soul; the inferior man loves his property. The superior man is liberal towards other's opinions, but does not completely agree with them; the inferior man complete agrees with other's opinions, but is not liberal towards them. The superior man blames himself; the inferior man blames others. The superior man his broad-minded towards all and not partisan; the inferior man is partisan and not broad-minded towards all. The superior men is always candid and at ease; the inferior man is always worried about something. The superior man develops upwords; the inferior man develops downwards. The superior man is dignified but not proud; the inferior man is proud but not dignified.”

Sahib Siri Guru Tegh Bahadhur ji calls such a man a Gurmukh, one whose face, mentality and spirituality, is always turned towards Divine Light of God. Such a man is known by his character and the main motivation of his life is that he aspires after the supreme mystic state of Nirvana (khojai pad Nirbana) or Sehaj. It is the wisdom of this aspiration and the Enlightenment, progressively achieved, which complete changes the character of such seekers of Truth. It is the arduous journey on the path of Nirvana, which Sahib Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji states, it's sharper than a double-edged sword and narrower than a hairs breadth, which gives the seeker of Truth joy, serenity, and the consciousness of inward strength and ultimately liberation. Nirvana in Sikhi, is inner grasp of immortality, and a personal communion with Truth and Beauty. Nirvana,or Sahej is a state at inner illumination to attained here while alive, not any paradise or heaven after death. It is within the reach of every human being in every race, nationality, and colour. It is only through this path does man progressively comprehend the eternity of Truth, in the sentiency of complex and changing earthly life.

In this state of Sehaj, God reveals His Power, His Grace and Wisdom to man. Sehaj is a gift of God to men with pure hearts, noble intentions and rare insight. Through illumination and actions it inspires, God asserts the ultimate victory of the Truth over falsehood, freedom over despotism, and fearlessness over terror and tyranny. This is “Waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh”. Such a Khalsa, is recognised in society by his compassion, goodness, virtues and in history by his service of humanity. Such a man is distinguished by his Unique character. He seeks neither applause nor gratitude. He passes through the turmoil of the world, undisturbed by the destructive egoism of men of position and power, continues to serve humanity. The problems of life neither depress or anger him. He breaks through egotism and fully trusts in God. So serene is his nature that he never takes offence. He forgets every illness and injury, and never complains of wrongs done to him.

The seeker of Sahej, the Gurmukh, mystic philospher, saint soldier, he steadfast in his inner composure, and his disinterested mind sinks into the serenity are illumined consciousness. He gladly accepts whatever happens as the tragic and comic acts of a purposeful human drama. Such Gurmukhs, up are the path-makers who blazed a trail that other men follow. They see the Light shining on mountain heights in the early morning (Amritvela), while their fellows sleep in the valleys below. Such a person was Bhai sahib Rama Singh, aptly described by Sahib Siri Tegh Bahadhur Ji. Just a simple Gurmukh, and it is in simplicity, that everything exists in.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh


Blogger Real-Sikhy said...

I’m a Sikh by name maybe not by nature, I tell you this because it seems the state of our community is one of denial towards there Identity. I was once told by a Gur-Sikh that it’s not a Sikh the Guru loves it the Reith he honours. So on this note I would like you and your viewer to heed my call for any one that seeks to be a Sikh of the Guru to act now as we all have the obligation, to keep alive the Sikh’y that millions have given there life for.

If you would allow, I would like to tell you about my self and my expressions and about a Gur-Mukh that’s very close to my heart.

I’m now in my Twenties and am thinking to my self I’ve been practicing Sikh’y for 10 years and have I really achieved anything, No Amrit Wela, no real Ebiase or Reith I feel that has been worth the effort and time.

While taking to a friend about Sikhy and about what he had achieved in this past 15 years by attending Reainsubys, camps and Amrit Wela programmes, he replied too me not anything I can show. At that time before going he told me about a Gur-Sikh he had met at one of his friend’s house, he was told me about how all he preached was the importance of Simran and that is our only salvation from Myia. I said I’ve heard this all before from my studies of Gur-Bani and that my Guru has stated in Anand Shiab the gifts you receive by being Abaissi, and that neither of us have attained any of these spiritual gifts. He continued to say that my friends Dad goes to visit him every Sundays, and it hit me that once at an Akand Path Shaib his father had told me to come along to a program on Sunday,
I was sure this was the same program that he had told me of months ago, so I told my friend that I would like to go the next time this Bhai Shaib was down.

It was three month before he contacted me, he told me that he is in town and that I should come, so I did. He picked me up and I went to this program, when I got there I sat outside and listened while Bhai Shaib did kirtan and katha on the importance of doing Simran, this was un-like any other program I had been to previously, and was intoxicating to listen too, he asked the Sungat to Jup together and when they started the room vibrated Waheguroo Waheguroo it was amazing to hear 50 plus Gur-Sikhs Juping in one 'Tun'

Soon after I was invited to a program at Bhai Shiabs house, he sat us all down me my father and the Sungat, and started to explain what Gur-Bani was trying to teach us and what the real meaning of Japi Je Shaib is and what Guru Nanak was telling us in Japi Je Shaib. He pulled out a white board and took us through parts of Japi Jee Shaib that I had read 100’s of time but never rely understood what was been told to me.

I left that room that day learning more about Sikhy then I did over the last 6 years. I spoke to my friend about this and he told that this was nothing that there were people in this room that get Amrit Raas Anhod vaji, Ruom Ruom simran.
And that Bhai Shab Bhai Rama Singh Jee (former Jatherdar of AKJ) had spent 3 months with Bhai Shaib.

In my 10 years of searching for someone to guide me to my guru, he just turned up on my door step. Maharajah explains once you find the servant of the true guru never let go of his robe, and I don’t attend to.

I would love for your viewers who read and follow our Guru, who my have doubts on there efforts and devotion to obtain Amrat Ras, Roum Roum simran and Anhud Vaji.

To please contact me for Bhai Shiab Bhai Ajeet Singh Jee Details.

Please note these are things obtain by doing Simran these shouldn’t be the things that make you call; It should be to obtain the love of our Sat-Guru.


Yours Truly

Jasmeet Gill

Saturday, December 03, 2005 12:30:00 AM  
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