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Bhai Rama Singh 5 - Bhai sahib ji and Kamai

From: "jagjit singh"
Date: Mon Aug 5, 2002 9:33 am
Subject: Bhai sahib ji and Kamai

Waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, sometimes Bhai sahib would speak to us youth about how we should do more kamai. He would say that kamai is very underestimated, and not everyone realises how important it is.

Once he said to me, that youth think that by doing the occasional amritvela, or rainsbhai, that they are of good jeevans. But he said, it is much more than that. He said after a little kamai, they wonder why nothing happens to them, why they have not reached sackhand. It takes great Udham to achieve Gurmat. He said, just to get Naam flowing inside you, you need to have a strong amritvela routine for a least a month, but people do it for a few days, and expect miracles. He would say much Udham is required by the youth in abyass.

He also emphasised the need for doing your abyass on a gupt level. When I was living in the South, there was a regular rountine of the monthly jatha rainsbhai, and then the monthly local kids rainsbhai. On the other weekends, Bhai sahib and about 4-5 youth would get together at a house in Southall for abyass. upstairs in the house, there was a small room, with Parkash of Guru maharaj. About 5-6 of these Gursikhs naujawan, who I will not name, and bhai sahib would start simran at 9-10pm, and continue till 3am, and then do nitnem. Afterwards they would go to simran at Singh sabha. These programmes were in them days regular, and I was sometimes invited to these programmes. i used to feel very priveleged to be in the company of these Gursikhs. These programmes were excellent. Once I mentioned to the youth, that these programmes were happening, and the more people who come the better. But most were put off by the length of the programmes. After this, Bhai Sahib said to me, that abyass which is done should remain gupt. Gupt abyass has much "phaal." He said it is gupt abyass that is going to build your jeevan.

He also greatly emphasised the value of "jorian de seva". He would have a handkerchief in his pocket, and would carefully clean the shoes, and then wipe the handkercheif on his forehead. He would tell us to always do simran, when doing this sewa, otherwise it will give you ego, that you are doing joorian de seva. Bhai sahib said to me once, whenever you do any seva, whether talking, keertan, or anything, always do joorian de seva first. then when you walk into the darbaar in front of maharaj, you mind will be on the floor, in his charan, no ego will enter. Then you will see how Maharaj blesses the seva.

To really understand Bhai sahib, you need someone who has also done kamai. i am not that person, only a person who understands naam, can discuss its virtues. I am just sharing somethings Bhai sahib said to me. Hopefully those who understand naam, will find something in this.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh


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