Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bhai Rama Singh 2 - Bhai Sahib Rama Singh Ji has left for Heavenly Abode

Bhai Sahib Rama Singh Ji has left for Heavenly Abode

Waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare Sadh Sangat Jio, it is with great regret and sadness, that I have to inform the sangat, that Bhai Sahib Bhai Rama Singh ji from Southall left for Guru Maharajs abode this morning at about 1am, Amritvela.

Bhai sahib ji was known worldwide, and the calibre of his jeevan was of the highest standard. There are so many inspirational stories that I can tell of my personal experiences with Bhai sahib, that I would not know where to start. I `m sure every youth, and every person in UK who spent even a little time with Bhai sahib can say the same. He was a true beacon of Sikhi, and a genuine and sincere example message of our Sahib Siri Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Sahib Siri Guru Tegh Bahadhur states,
"Know such a man, say Nanak,
To be a living image of God,
Who remains undisturbed in sorrow and happiness,
And is free from attachment, pride and avarice.

Bhai Sahib was free from all of this, and he was to so many of us a living image of God, in the form the True Khalsa. Immersed in Naam, always serene, full of love and affection. Most people think of bhai sahib ji to be quiet, but as i got to know Bhai sahib better, I realised how much Panthic vigour he had inside of him. Dedicated to the seva blessed to him, he had also been gifted with sewa in the Panj Pyare for decades. He was not only a father-figure, and your dearest companion. His advice and pyar would sink deep into your heart, such was the amazing personality that Guru Maharaj gave Bhai sahib.

Bhai Sahib jis book was called "Roop Gobind ka, Raj Khalsa ka, Shika Sona ka". For those of us, who were given the most immense blessings by Guru Maharaj, by allowings to spend time with such an immaculate soul. For us, it is the memories of Bhai sahib, his actions, his words, his advice, is like gold, and will always be tresured as such.

Bhai sahib funeral arrangements are currently being finalised. Exact details will be released once these are finalised.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa,waheguru ji ke fateh


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