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Author: Panthic
Date: 03-30-06 13:15

Continued... [Final Part]

C.K: Yes! This is absolutely right. The evil minds have plenty of excuses to justify their wrongdoing. The non-abiding Sikh ladies are often heard to say "How does a turban increase faith in Sikhi? True faith is in Naam and Bani."

S.K: How much could they be devoting to Naam, Purifier of mind? Their embroilment in fashion, as fashion-models is a clear indication of the polluted minds. They cannot be regular in Nit-Nem, daily prayers. How can they spare time for Naam Baani?

Their life is too full with rate-race of worldliness. The modern fashionable girls may perform Gurbani Kirtan just for show, lacking in depth of inner feeling of the enshrined Gurbani. They do try to impress with artistry in music, only if they really lose themselves in love for Gurbani Kirtan, they would derive personal benefit of inner spiritual enhancement and the audience will also feel enchanted. The real devotional attitude leaves no scope for interest in artificial make-up for self-conscious show of appearance. It only promotes abiding faith and discipline, eagerness to comply with Gurmat. Indeed submitting dutifully to all the Commands of Guru is True Rehat, Code of living.

The topmost priority is to devote to Naam Contemplation. However all the other discipline is essential to prepare the foundation for spiritual edifice. If one fails to carry out the preliminary instructions, how can one be expected to comply with stricter and more demanding discipline? If somebody claims to be a Naam-devotee in self-effacement, what is there to hold back from adopting Guru-ordained distinct identity? Such a false claim is merely in frivolous argumentation. In fact a fashionable girl and Gurbani Kirtan are just not compatible, with opposite nature of orientation.

Pothohar, especially Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan) was centre of acclaimed Kirtan. Sadly the love for ‘Mod’ fashion also originated from there, seeking to wear a look for public admiration. However this proved to be undoing of the Sikh Nation. Rare is the person who becomes of high spiritual stature, but the numbers of lowly fallen abound. Performing Kirtan, lacking in depth, the ‘Mod’ Kirtania girls were swayed away by fashion without a respite or recovery. They were distanced from Gursikhi and Gurmat discipline. The erstwhile followers with Keski were swept away by the desire to go about bareheaded shamelessly. It is not intended to encourage mere showmanship of outer Sikh religion and Khalsa wear.

The inspired love for Sikhi discipline from within is really proper and commendable. Who says that abiding Sikh ladies with Keski do not contemplate Naam and say their daily prayers, Nit-Nem and Bani. For abiding Sikhs, it is improper to boast of their Sikhi discipline, unlike the pretending ‘Mod’ ones. The abiding Sikh ladies not only reflect the glory of their Sikhi Regalia but also the spiritual splendour on their forces.

C.K: Truly the youthful glory of the newly baptized faces is unbearable. It is also undeniable that Kirtan by the abiding Sikh girls is beyond comparison, spiritually touching and their faces reflect their innermost high spirituality. In my own experience, I remained in high Sikhi spirits as an abiding Sikh girl and I had great dedication to Naam and Baani.

Performing Kirtan, I would lose myself totally in Kirtan and the listeners were enchanted too. Sadly this did not last long. I was given away in marriage to a tardy Sikh youth, who did not believe in ‘Kakkars’. His unspirited Sikhi had direct effect on me. This Sikhi only in name degraded my original love to lowly depths. The glory of these days is like a dream now. After baptism, I was given the name ‘Sugarh Kaur’, but my in-laws did not approve of this. My old dead name was revived and I remained ‘Chattar Kaur’ only. In the view of ‘Evil mind thinking up countless excuses’, my mind started thinking justification against ‘Keski’ that was dearer to me than life. In reality the unworthy husbands of young abiding sikh girls are responsible for their down fall from the upkeep of ‘Keski’ Kakkar. This is also true that an abiding Sikh match of young elegible men is a rarity these days.

S.K: It is not a rarity, but the will to find is not there. The match-seekers often look for a well to do family, prosperous in worldly wealth and comfort. Sikhi and Sikh values are no-where in the reckoning. It is not only the parents to blame. If Sikhi and Gurmat is dear to the eligible girls they can hold on to their values determinedly and no power on earth can change them.

C.K: You are very right, but personal values do get affected by peer-pressure and company that one keeps, specially in the case of immature girls, like me. Rare are the abiding ones who dare to stick to their Faith in Gurmat ordained ideals through thick and thin. Very rare indeed are exemplary beings like Bibi Daler Kaur, not every one can willingly make the required sacrifice.

S.K.: Bad example is readily followed, just as you gave up ‘Keski’ to conform to the general appearance of Hindu women. You ought to have displayed some determination in Sikhi-Faith and resistance to undermine Gurmat values. Even now, it is not too late. Satguru will surely provide help for you to awaken spiritually and re-establish your original values.

C.K: I agree, dear sister! Pray for me. What shall follow will be according to Guru’s dispensation. Let me make one more admission of guilt. After falling from the ordained Sikh discipline, I was instrumental in weaning away other abiding Gursikh ladies from their Faith. I did this through argumentation of negativism. I seek pardon for this sin, also, I am now so determined that even if my husband is unwilling to accept me as abiding Gursikh, I shall still not abandon Sikhi. My marital relationship with him will depend upon his accepting Sikh Faith in totality. I now request for my rehabitation as abiding Gursikh.

S.K: Well done! Sister you are indeed ‘Sugarh Kaur’. You must readopt this name only. The other name is dead for you. It is no good to carry the carcass of old name that must be discarded. On the next seventh of ‘Poh’ month Samagam Gurpurab, you will be presented before The Five Beloved Ones, at the place of initiation Ceremony, Amrit-Sanchar. There you will receive the Commands for restoration of your faith and ever thereafter you will be blissful both here in this world as well as in the hereafter.


Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!


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