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Part 3 SINGHAN DA PANTH NIRALA - by Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

Author: Panthic
Date: 03-30-06 13:02


C.K.: Why not? "Kangha" can be carried in a pocket.

S.K.: "Kangha" is not meant to be carried in a pocket, but in the hair. Somebody may come up with the suggestion of carrying the "kachhera" in a pocket. We know better than that. Just as "kachhera" is to cover our bare body, the hair needs the "keski" in order to be covered and the top knot of hair is a must for keeping the "kangha". The right place for the "kangha" is in the hair on the head and not in a pocket.

C.K.: It is not essential to tie a knot of hair at the top. It may also be tied at the back at the "kangha" can also be kept there.

S.K.: O yes sister! There are ladies, who are semi-fashionable, keeping knotted hair at the back and claiming to be abiding Sikhs and yet unable to resist fashion. It is not just the knotted hair at the back but so also is their sense that lies buried there. Firstly, these ladies are unlikely to keep a "kangha". Most would keep clips in their knotted hair. Where is the place for the "kangha"? Kangha cannot be supported below the knot and when placed above it, it interferes with fashion. Have you ever seen them with a "kangha"? The "kangha" aside, even their fashionable head cloth keeps slipping from their head.

C.K.: This is true. The level head, having knotted hair at the back, cannot support the slipping head cloth. That is why the fashionable girls have done away with the head cloth.

S.K.: It is not even done away with completely. Rather, they put it around the neck abiding with the latest fashion. Head-cloth around the neck and bare is the scalp and head. Is this dress befitting for Sikh ladies?

C.K: Of course it is not befitting. You are right there. This is unworthy copying of others’ fashion in blind following.

S.K: This is an evil custom that does not befit us. It is highly degrading the "kes" that are regarded holy in Gurmat, blessed with holy Amrit at "Dasam Duar", top of the head and thus the "Kes" becoming highly venerable. Exposing the "Kes" all the time, even while roaming around the streets and market places, is disgraceful. The dust covers the exposed hair, and this is condemned in Gurbani in Asa-Dee-Vaar: "Flying dust keeps falling in the hair and the watching public ridicules this." An uncovered head invites all this shame.

It is strange that our modern, fashionable ladies are immune to this self-inflicted shame of two braids hanging at the back of their uncovered heads. However, for them the shame lies in tying a turban. For winning admiration of the evil rogues, it is essential to comply with the latest current fashion. Their husbands are equally shameless who allow their wives to stray around inviting lustful glances of the wicked who are "seeking other women forsaking their wedded wives." Is this noble behaviour? All this delving in fashion amounts to attracting the attention of other men’s lustfulness.

Even the parents of Sikh school and college girls, parading in groups with bare heads, are accepting the sway of evil fashion without a whimper. On the other hand, they take pride in their darlings as models of fashion. To fall in line, such parents also submit to fashion in preference to Guru-ordained discipline. The current fashion, characterless exhibitionism is regarded as the most admirable turnout.

Cursed be such evil-thinking parents, the so-called Sikhs, who gladly permit their daughters and daughters-in-law to indulge in evil ways and evil company. They should all shun the evil instead of shunning Gurmat discipline. What is there to fear from general non-acceptance? "The one living in sin should be afraid, while a righteous being is always in high spirits." The righteous beings should abide by ordained Gurmat discipline and keep flourishing in high spirits, without a care to run for general acceptance and compliance with current styles.

C.K: Whatever you have said is a hundred percent correct. The school and college girls are generally spoiled. Parents should not send them for studying. What is there to lose in forgoing such studies?

S.K: Just a blind following. Many Sikh families are stuck in this cursed practice. Are the girls going to join some sort of service after studying?

It is merely to attract educated boys for marrying their daughters. The seeking for educated boys is high. According to Gurbani quote, "Such an educated person is an idiot, who is ridden with greed, avarice and ego", education, without mind enlightenment, makes a person idiotic. It is asking for affliction of suffering by going into a relationship with greedy and egotistical boys. How can there be peace in such a case? The worldly greedy parents, thinking an educated boy to be well earning, give their daughters in marriage to such boys who think highly of themselves. This is a foolish self-entrapment.

C.K: Why do parents not send their daughters to religious institutions? Are there no such schools for Sikh girls?

S.K: Plenty! However, these are no different. They are named as religious institutes without imparting religious education. There are no teachers of religious outlook nor are any organized courses for building religious background among students. Even the classes for the "Giani" course are prescribed with ill-advised romantic novels that pollute the minds, much opposed to Gurmat of Divine fear and love. In reality, not only girls but even boys go to such institutions.

Sikh institutions are the bases of embroilment in evil. In these dens of sin, life is rotten. Students do not get enlightened. Without character building, studying is useless. These institutions are contradictory to Gurmat-discipline. The products of non-religious Sikh colleges are generally non-religious, atheists and keep bad company.

C.K.: It is now clear that without the "keski" the baptised man/woman is not an abiding Gursikh. It is also established that the baptised ladies having braids are without a "kangha". How come such violations of Gurmat discipline are taken so lightly?

S.K.: This is their misfortune and misdeeds of polluted thinking. Says Guru Gobind Singh Ji, "I love righteous Gurmat living of a Sikh and not mere Sikh in name." Further he says "Only the abiding Sikh, observing Gurmat discipline is my Sikh." If an abiding happens to remain without a
‘Kakkar’ involuntarily, by mistake even, he forgoes food and drink till he seeks pardon through a prayer. The Sikh ladies, who knowingly ignore ‘Keski’, are confirmed guilty and punishable. Their husbands, who eat with them and have relationship, are also guilty.

C.K: It is improper to show any respect to husbands, who fail to ensure their wives observing Sikhi discipline.

S.K: The slaves to way-ward, undisciplined wives are certainly not shown the respect due to an abiding Sikh in House of the Guru.

C.K: This fact of withholding deference must be apparent and noticeable by the erring Sikh husbands.

S.K.: What can be more apparent than non-acceptance of these husbands for selection to ‘Five Beloved’ in Amrit-initiation ceremony. They are considered equally guilty as their erring wives, without ‘Keski’

C.K: What is the punishment for committing strictly prohibited violations against Sikh discipline of Gurmat?

S.K: The defaulters are pronounced apostates. Those having relationship with apostate wives are also considered apostate. They have to get rebaptised and whatever punishment is prescribed during re-initiation with Amrit, they have to undergo.

C.K: Obviously initiation of only one of the couple is not acceptable. It appears mandatory for both husband and wife to be baptized.

S.K: Wife is considered ‘better half’ for the husband and both join to make a married couple. Any one of the couple is denied baptism singly. It may only be made an exception, if the person seeking baptism undertakes in presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and The Five Beloved Ones to abstain marital relationship with the unbaptised partner till such time that he/she gets baptized.

C.K: At few places, specially at Akal Takhat, singles are freely baptized, without any condition. Thus baptism is left to free will.

S.K: This is a grave omission. The practice of old priests still persists. Modern Akalis are queer persons. Following Gandhism, they are even willing to lose their separate identity from Hindus and Muslims. However Guru Sahib has clearly prohibited relationship with Smokers, Killers of baby-females and persons from Sikh families, who shave off hair, by abstaining eating with them or inter-marrying. Yet, these half-baked Akalis of Gandhism, are least bothered about Guru-ordained discipline. They have no fearful respect of abiding Sikhi. They freely eat with smokers. If such Godless people are in authority for Amrit-administering, they could not be bothered to check elegibility or otherwise conforming to Gurmat standards.

It is this devil-way-care attitude that has destroyed pride in Sikhi of outstanding merit, distinctiveness, glory and firmness of character. They have nothing in common with righteousness of Khalsa Akali Singhs nor do they reflect the high character of the Brave singhs of yesteryears, nor their activity or polity reflects Gurmukh humility. Sikh-discipline of Gurmat is totally missing in them. Losing their distinct identity, they have become immune to Gurmat teachings and discipline. They have no love for Gurbani or Naam nor faith. They are enamoured by worthless power-politics and avarice for worldliness and in pursuit of this, they have acquired slaving mentality for selfish ends.

The high ideal of spirituality is nowhere in their reckoning. Some of them, who show concern for Panth, have heavy leanings towards others of different faith. Their intermingling with Hindu masters leaves no scope for essence of Khalsa personality. Lost to touch of spirituality, they are just dancing to the tune of others. They are happy to transform their wives in the customs and outlook of Hindu wives, conforming to their masters. They are happily adorning them with skirts and saris, but making no allowance for pride in Gurmat way of dressing. The outer wear has lot of influence on the inner mind and thinking. The Gurmukh-way of dressing of Guru-oriented Singhs reflects every bit of their Gurmukh personality and abiding faith, when we behold Gurmukh - like beard, double turban of a ‘Brave Khalsa’.

A tied-up beard and western dress of coat and pants, topped with fashionable multi-coloured turban never can give an impression of the person as a Gurmukh Gursikh. Further, their doll-like fashionable wives in Saris, wearing gilted bangles instead of a ‘Kara’, accompany them shoulder-to-shoulder. What to talk of their hair fashion of bare-heards, ladies with red-painted lips walking by the side arm-in-arm, can such fashion model person be Akali-Khalsa? In self-justification, they make their empty utterances to the effect, "The essence is purity of mind. What use is the outer display of Kakkars?" How would they reply to the questions, "If the mind is pure, how come the face is smeared? Why the lips are painted?"

The fashionable exterior is indeed a reflection of a lowly mind, that would never be ever be clean. Instead of righteous thinking, their polluted minds yearn for sinful deeds. The ill-advised, shameful dress is only the initial step!

To be continued...


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