Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cooking and Eating

ngn hoey bwhr jo iPrY, ngn sIs jo Kwey ngn prswid jo bWteI qnKweI bfo khqie

pwg auqwr prswd jo Kwy sy is`K kuMBI nrk isDwvY

Whoever calls him self a SIKH but goes about his daily business with KESH UNCOVERED, eats bareheaded, etc is a committing a big sin and will go to narak, meaning will get SEPARATED from GURU Jis BAKSHEESH.

dsqwr hmySw sjw ky r`KxI cwhIdI hY[ Bwv kdy isr nMgw nhIN r`Kxw, nMgy isr Bojn nhIN krnw[ rwq dy smyN CotI dsqwr Bwv kyskI sjw skdy hW pr isr nMgw nhIN r`Kxw XQw :

"p`g rwqI lwh ik sovy, so BI qnKwhIAw[
nMgy kysI iPry, rvwl pwey, so BI qnKwhIAw[
nMgy kysI mwrg tury, so qnKwhIAw[
nMgy kysI Bojn kry, so qnKwhIAw[
pgVI lwh ik is`K pRSwid pwey, so qnKwhIAw["

(rihqnwmw BweI caupw isMG jI)

ngn hoie bwhr iPrih, ngn sIs jo Kwie[
ngn pRswid jo bwteI, qnKwhI bfo khwie[
(qnKwhnwmw BweI nMd lwl jI)

p`g auqwir ky pRswd jo pwvy,
ngn hoie jo nwvih, kuMBI nrk Bogy[
kys ngn r`KY, so mhW nrk Bogy[
kys Fwp r`Ky[

(rihqnwmw BweI dXw isMG jI)

“jUVw sIs ky m`D Bwg myN rwKY, AOr pwg bVI bWDy”[
(rihqnwmw BweI dysw isMG jI)


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