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Author: jugroop singh
Date: 06-11-05 01:34

Date: 08-05-04 08:24


Sadh Sangat Jio,

...i am reminded of the UK-based Gursikh Bhai Jarnail Singh (Jathedar of the UK jatha), who was asked to address the Sangat in Bristol. This must have been the first time the local Sangat, who were mostly monae, saw so many women as well as men adorning Keski).

He spontaneously decided to use this opportunity to describe Keski in the following manner (i have paraphrased him here):

(he stood up and began talking) 'We meet VahiGuru via our Dasam Duaar. Our Dasam Duaar is located on top of our head. We do all different types of Seva to please Vahiguru, yet we must remember to do the Seva of adorning our Dasam Duaar because it is here where we meet Vahiguru. Keski is the seva of Dasam Duaar'. (he finished talking and sat down)

Beyond all debates regarding Kes/Keski as the Kakaar, this very short piece of Katha, delivered quietly and with such Khalsa dignity, had a deep impact upon me...VahiGuru.



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