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Gurmukh Jeevan of Dr. Surinder Singh Part II

Dr. Sahib's Jeevanee is truly amazing. Baoo Mul Singh jee used to say that he was the equal of 100 Sants.

Gurmukh Jeevan of Dr. Surinder Singh Part II
Taken From Soora Oct 2001
Translated by Admin

Returning to Bhai Sahib

Dr. Surinder Singh jee returned to his job in Bombay. Physically, he was thousands of miles away from Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee but his mind was always with Bhai Sahib. While living in Bombay the memory of his meeting with Bhai Sahib in Kumar Hatti kept returning and he wanted to go back and stay with Bhai Sahib. This state of vairaag forced him to resign from his job. Inside, he was anxious to go do Sangat with Bhai Sahib.

Dr. Sahib’s pull was felt by Bhai Sahib in Ludhiana. Bhai Sahib wrote to the Singhs in Bombay that they should tell Surinder Singh not to leave his job and should help him adjust to life there by giving him love. But who could stop this bairagi? Even though the Singhs tried to convince him to stay, Dr. Sahib offered his resignation and after a few days, arrived in Punjab.

He went straight to Bhai Sahib in Ludhiana. Once he arrived he joined with Bhai Sahib completely, that they became like one. They shared their faith in Gurmat, their goal, their path and their love for Vahiguru. Dr. Sahib was always with Bhai Sahib after this. Whatever smaagams took place, Dr. Sahib always took part. He was still very young and his beard was yet growing in, but his consciousness was flying very high. The effect of Bhai Sahib’s Sangat and the smaagams was that he forgot worldly life and Guru Dashmesh jee’s Gurmat took hold over his heart completely. Soon he began to keep Sarbloh Bibek and other Gurmat Rehits.

All day Dr. Sahib would serve in the langar and would not tire. He would not speak with anyone, nor argue and he had a link with no one. He was constantly immersed in his love of Vahiguru.

Dr. Sahib had quite a bit of land but he only took enough money to sustain himself. The rest he would give to the needy for medicine or use to serve Singhs.

Learning Keertan

It was 1953 and Bhia Amreek Singh, Hazooree Ragi Sree Darbar Sahib, was staying at his native village of Kurali where he would teach children keertan. 10 to 15 children were learning keertan from him.

In Kurali lived Dr. Sahibs sister who had a loving relationship with him. Dr. Sahib used to say that whenever he was having problems, he would go to his siter and her love would make him forget all his worldly pains and sorrows. His sister’s husband, S. Guriqbal Singh had a lot of land and was respected in the entire area.

Once, when Dr. Sahib was visiting his sister, Bhai Amreek Singh came to their home. He was blind and had a strong relationship with this family. Bhain jee replied that Bhai Amreek Singh taught keertan. Dr Sahib asked if Bhai Sahib would teach him keertan and his sister replied, “Of course, he is like our child. Why wouldn’t he teach you keertan?”

The next day Dr. Sahib joined the other students and learned the basic notes. Bhai Amreek Singh himself tells that when Dr. Sahib joined his class, he was very effected by Dr. Sahib’s high spirituality. Dr. Sahib gave Bhai Amreek Singh the first edition of the Amrit Keertan which he has kept ever since.

Dr. Sahib’s first shabads were “Darshan daehkh jeevaa(n) gur taeraa”, “Charan kamal kee aas piaaray” and “Too(n) thaakuro bairaagaro.”

Dr Sahib used to sing very softly. Once Bhai Amreek Singh said, “Guru kay laal jee, you should sing the shabad in a loud voice.” Dr. Sahib replied, “Bhai Sahib, I don’t do keertan for others to hear. I am learning keertan only so I can hear it myself.”

Dr. Sahib liked the calm keertan style of puraatan Gurmukhs. He would say that anyone who wanted to enjoy the ras of keertan should listen to Bhai Amreek Singh Hazooree Ragi. Dr. Sahib also gave Bhai Amreek Singh a vaja and told him to teach his new students keertan on it. Bhai Sahib still has this vaja with him. He says that whenever he teaches someone keertan on it, the memory of Dr. Sahib is revived.

Walking to Gurdwara

Dr. Sahib’s nephew, Gurjaspal Singh tells that when Dr. Sahib used to live in Kurali, he used to walk to Chamkaur Sahib and Bhatha Sahib Gurdwaras. One day Gurjaspal Singh said, “Uncle, it is no longer olden times. Buses are very common. Why don’t you take the bus?” Dr. Sahib replied, “When going to the Guru’s sharan, it is better to go by foot. Guru Sahib’s blessings can be obtained this way and your haazree is accepted.”

After some time, Dr. Sahib again returned to Bhai Sahib in Ludhiana and then returned to Bombay.

to be continued........


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