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Why the hair?

June 09, 2006

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

A Gurmukh Singh was telling daas of his experience when he was in University. It was a conversation between him and another student:

Student: “Singh why have you got long hair and a big beard?”

The Gurmukh Singh was very clever and questioned back to him:

Gurmukh: “Why haven’t you got the hair? It was there in the first place but you have cut it off. Why have you cut it off?”

Saying this the other student couldn’t answer and just made up some excuse about cutting hair makes a person look more clean.
Daas can say the true fact is that the ones who cut their hair aren’t clean and are getting slapped by nature every morning.
When one cuts his beard and shaves it regularly the next day it comes back. Thus proving that hair was actually meant to be there in the first place. Daas believes that this nature slapping us on the face telling us how foolish we are.
Daas remembers distinctly a conversation he had with a mona (one who cuts hair) and remember him saying he can understand Sikhi but never why one has to keep their hair long. Even though daas had given him a good explanation on why the hair is essential he still questioned it and never accepted what I was saying. This is because ones mind becomes so blackened with filth that they follow what there minds tell them. Like sheep they follow each other and never use Guru Sahib’s teachings.

dyKw dyKI sB kry mnmuiK bUJ n pwie ]
They all show off and pretend, but the self-willed manmukhs do not understand.

What daas means by ‘Like sheep they follow each other’ is that the ones who cut their hair are just copying what others have done and without understanding or logic they cut their hair as if it is nothing. This is what sheep do. Sheep run around in fields following each other without understanding of what they are doing. In this same way the self-willed manmukhs are copying each other. The women are following the men by cutting their hair shorter and men are copying the women by wearing earings. In Kaljug everything is becoming opposite.
Here is an extract daas found on the internet regarding this topic. It is an extract from Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh’s book, Undhiti Duniya.

START OF EXTRACT------------------------------------------------------------------

The mortal of evil leaning, burning the evil desires, wear evil adornments and ruin thir lives even in the next world. All the adornments and beauty of falsehood are transitory and of no avail after death. Aping the false adornments the women of other faiths, the women who forsake their own dress-code of Sikhism in pursit of the latest fashion, come to grief, as the following Gurbani quotes illustarte:

mwiT guMdwe^ØI ptIAw BrIAY mwg sMDUry ]
I have woven my hair into lovely braids, and saturated their partings with vermillion;

AgY geI n mMnIAw mrau ivsUir ivsUry ]
but when I go before Him, I am not accepted, and I die, suffering in anguish.

Leaving aside the simple way of Gursikhi God-Oriented Gurmukh ladies, is to have trss-knot at the top of the head covered with turban, as per the khalsa dress code. Those who delve in fashionable hair-dos and make-up are paving their way to hell. The above Gurbani makes it clear, delving in fashion leads not to true love, but only to wailing and grief in the Court-Divine. Should these sikh ladies have fear of awaiting Justice-Divine, so well explained repeatedly through the Wisdom of the Guru, they would not dare to delve in falsehood of fashion and spoil their life in the hereafter.
Fearlessness of the futre life after death and the non-belief in its existance is to get engrossed in the filth of characterlessness. Even in this world, the schorching of characterlessness leads many to their living verily in hell in prime of their youth. The worst may still be awaiting them when they depart in disgrace. Here is gurbani qoute to illistrate this.

dohwgxI KrIAw ibllwdIAw iqnw mhlu n pwie ]
The abandoned brides cry out in their suffering; they do not attain the Mansion of the Lord's Presence.

dUjY Bwie krUpI dUKu pwvih AwgY jwie ]2]
In the love of duality, they appear so ugly; they suffer in pain as they go to the world beyond. ||2||

Deprived of the love of the Beloved Lord, the true Union of Love, depicted inGurmat, the mortal beings delving in the evil adornmants truly lament as the discarded beings here in this world and also in the next. Their miserable plight of wailing and grief has been witnessed by Satguru as also by the ones graced with Divine-Sight, Saintly Gursikhs and devotees. Says the Guru, the unfortunate ones are not destined to find the Lord's Abode nor is it feasible. Given to worldly fashion, adopted bt women of ill-repute, like adornments of lustful gaudiness make a person appear ugly and unclean. Such ones are bound to suffer in the hereafter. Unlimited shall be their misery and sufferings. Rest assures there is no escape from this fate. Never slacken your vigil regarding life that awaits in the hereafter, for the mind- oriented shall certainly be meted out punishment there.

END OF EXTRACT---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Daas would like to end this post by saying that the keeping the hair is accepting the divine will of Waheguroo and it is a basic principal of Sikhi. It is known to be the Moar (stamp) of Sikhi and without hair one can never be classed as Sikh of Guru Sahib. Keeping hair itself is Gurmat and accepting hair is accepting the will of Waheguroo which leads to a better life. Remember Gurmat itself is beautiful as one learns to live for Naam and not for himself. Without accepting the will of Waheguroo and keeping long hair one can never progress spiritually and is left spiritually blocked.


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