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Meeting a Miracle Working Yogi

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This is an extract from the autobiography of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh jee, translated by Dr Tarlochan Singh. A Singh has done this great sewa of typing this up.

Everyone is requested to read this and other writings of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh jee.


Meeting a Miracle Working Yogi

A strange incident took place before I sat for examination. On day, I was returning from college thinking that I should meet and seek guidance from some saint who had achieved a high spiritual state. Suddenly I saw a Yogi dressed in woollen robes. As he walked in a carefree manner he appeared to be absorbed in spiritual self-intoxication. When he came close to me, he cast such a piercing look at me that I felt intensely drawn towards him. I threw away my books and followed him in a heedless craze. Bhakta Kabir’s following Sloka was ringing in my mind:

Sayeth Kabir: leave not the company of the saint,
Follow his footsteps on the Path.
On seeing him the mind becomes pure.
On meeting him you remember the Name of God.

(Kabir Sloka: p. 1371)

I followed him immediately. One of my companions picked up my books and followed me. I persuaded him not to accompany me but he would not turn back until I also went back with him. Another Sloka of Kabir reminded me that I should meet the saint alone:

Sayeth Kabir: when you go to meet a saint,
Do not take anyone with you;
Turn not your back but go ahead, come what may.

(Kabir Sloka: p. 1371)

Such thoughts, from my readings of scriptures, came to my mind repeatedly and I somehow succeeded in sending my companion back. I followed the Yogi and felt impelled by some unknown power to follow him. I lost all sense of shame, hesitation or discrimination and followed him in hypnotic fascination. I even forgot where I was and in which city and on which road I was moving. I did not take my eyes off his personality, even to have a look sideways. My eyes were fixed on the carefree gait of the Yogi. Like a shadow I followed him at a distance but I was afraid to get too close to him. Many sweetmeat vendors offered him sweets, fruit sellers gave him fruit but he did not care to accept anything. He did not even look at them. Although he was walking with his back towards me, his magical appeared to be fixed on me and reflected from his back. It was the sight of these fascinating eyes that was continuously dragging me on.

At last, we reached a small fountain in the courtyard of the High Court (then known as the Chief Court). Water was perpetually flowing out of the fountain and the water basin around it was always full. There was complete solitude in the place and the atmosphere was very peaceful. The Yogi took off his woollen robes and stood there almost naked with his matted hair flowing at his back. He looked at me sternly, probably to frighten me but I did not fear from him in the least. From a distance I watched his strange actions. He then drank some water from the fountain basin with cupped hands, and then with closed eyes and folded hands; he lay prostrate on the ground in profound salutation. I felt that the Yogi was a man with a deep spiritual vision, he saw the all-pervading Presence of the perfect Lord in front of him and he was offering devout salutation to the infinite Spirit. A sensational thrill passed through my body at that moment. The recitation of Japji resounded within my whole being in a sweet musical tone. I felt a little giddiness and then all the earthly sights disappeared from my sight. Then I suddenly felt elevated to a sublimer state, which I had never experienced before. I could see only an endless space of sublime realm. My ears heard the recitation of Japji resounding from within; I could neither see the Yogi not the fountain nor the garden in front of me. Then there was another wave of giddiness and I fell prostrate on the ground. Even in this fall I did not feel hurt but felt a peculiar joy.

After some time, I do not know how I regained consciousness. When I was on my feet again, I saw the same garden and the same fountain and water basin and the Yogi was still lying prostrate on the ground in devout salutation to the Infinite. I squatted on the ground near the Yogi. After some time he got up and picking up his blanket, wrapped it around his body. He looked at me and hinted by a sign that I should go back, but I could not leave him. He walked on the Mall in a carefree and leisurely sporting gait and I followed him.

After some time, we were about two miles outside the town near Lawrence garden. On both sides of the road there were large bungalows. Sometimes the Yogi walked into these bungalows and well guarded houses. No one checked him. I also followed him and no one stopped me. It appeared that we saw everyone but no one saw us. In this way we went beyond Lawrence garden. I had never visited t his area of the city before. He then took me to such strange places which I had never seen. He took me all over Lahore. Sometimes we went up and down a number of two or three storeyed buildings. No one questioned or stopped us. He then took me through various classrooms of Chiefs’ College where professors were moving about and classes were in progress. No one questioned or stopped us. Having taken me all around the city he came at sunset to Shah Alami gate square and sat near a shop. Here there were many sects of Sadhus sitting in groups, but he did not join any group. He sat in a secluded corner.

People placed before him many things as offering but he did not even seem to know what was lying before him. His eyes were fixed in some distant vision and would not even wink. It appeared he saw the whole panorama of the universe in a vision of deep ecstacy. I stood at a distance admiring him. I was not aware that some one might be looking at me. It was getting dark and I suddenly remember that I must say my evening prayers (Rehras). When I finished the evening prayer, I could not find the Yogi anywhere in that place. I anxiously searched him all round but could not find him. In utter disappointment I came back to Nabha House, my hostel. Without spreading the bedding I lay on the cot in order to get some sleep. I did not eat or drink anything. The night passed in a restless mood, anxiously brooding over the desire to meet the Yogi again.

Early in the morning my college mates compelled me to accompany them to college. When we reached Old Anarkali one of my friends expressed his desire to buy a watch. We all went to a watch seller’s shop. I was anxiously looking out lest I might by chance see the Yogi. I was just thinking of him when the Yogi suddenly appeared before the shop. He stood there and smiled at me. I felt so helplessly drawn towards him that I followed him. I even left my books there. I completely forgot that I was to go to the College. In a fit of hypnotic attraction I followed him again. As on the previous day, he first went to the garden foundation. There he appeared to stand in meditation. I could not resist going near him. I went forward and bowed to touch his feet but he held me up with his hands. I stood there dumbfounded like a statue while he walked away. He had gone only a short distance when I regained my consciousness and I followed him. Without describing the details, it is sufficient to say that I followed him all the day, remaining about five steps behind him. He sometimes attracted me and sometimes repelled me but I kept on following him. He did not speak a word. He had been observing silence since many years. I had firm faith in the following words of Kabir:

Sayeth Kabir: Leave not the footsteps of a saint,
Follow the path he shows.
Thou shalt become pure on seeing him
And will remember God on meeting him

(Kabir Sloka: p. 1371)

So I followed him and went on the path shown by him. At that time I took these lines of Kabir literally and understood them in their plain meaning. As on the previous day, I saw wonderful buildings and palatial mansions and many other sights that I had never seen even in a dream.

Turning Away from the Yogi

Like the previous day the wanderings in wonderland ended in the same place at sunset. My faith in him had increased and my mind was about to drift away into strange paths when suddenly something unexpected happened. The Yogi appeared to have renounced everything and was observing silence for many years. Worldly goods did not attract him at all. I also believed that he did not eat anything and was probably Pavanahari: one who sustains himself on air. People offered him fruit and delicious foods but he did not even look at them. Suddenly, I saw a shocking sight. A man brought and Indian pipe (chillam) for him and without any hesitation he began to smoke. On seeing this I was disillusioned. My tender faith in his saintliness was shattered and I felt the very earth slipping under my feet. I fainted. There was a great commotion. I do not know how I regained consciousness. As soon as I got up I turned away from him. The Yogi who did not care for anyone and who had maintained silence for many years spoke to me saying: “Well, is that all you can tolerate? You have been tested in such a short time. Your faith is shaken and you are turning away from me?” I replied: “I cannot have any more faith in you even if you become the very image of God now” and I uttered this couplet:

I considered him a saint having swan-like purity,
That is why I sought his association.
If I knew he was hypocrite like crane,
I would have kept away from him all my life.

(Shaikh Farid Sloka: p. 1384)

After saying these words I left the place. A man came running behind me and after overtaking me said: “Listen friend, the Yogi who has never talked to anyone for many years and has never cared for anyone, has called you back. Why are you turning away from him? It is indeed your great misfortune that you are leaving a saint and recluse who has attained such high spiritual state. He is a Kashmiri Brahmin of high caste and he has been observing silence for many years. As a recluse he wanders about deeply absorbed in supreme spiritual state. For the first time after many years he has spoken to you. What has made you turn away from him?”

To this I replied: “No matter hoe great a saint he is, I must judge him by the ethical standards of Sikhism. His birth in high Hindu caste and family is not what really matters to me.”

The humblest among those of humble birth,
The lowliest among the low caste,
Are my friends and brothers.
What have I to do with the rich and proud.

(Guru Nanak: Sri Rag p. 15)

“ What evil have you seen in him?” the man asked. I said, “I am not concerned with the evils in any man. He does not appeal to me. My faith in him is shaken. I find him hollow and weak. The image of his saintliness has been demolished from my mind. What is the necessity of discussing it beyond this. You may go your way leave me to my fate.” The man had to depart. I went to Golbagh and sat there for my evening prayers which I recited in a deeply meditative mood. After that, I prayed to God thus: “O True Lord, today Thou hast saved this bewildered child wandering in search of Thee, from the wrong path through Thy mercy. It is Thou who hast made me a passionate seeker of your presence. Thou alone can test and accept the deserving. Thou alone can help in fulfilling the aspirations of my love. Bless me with a poised faith in the Guru’s supreme ethical code of conduct.”

This prayer restored my peace of mind. I came back to my residence and went to sleep. I got up early in the morning and after taking my bath, I left my hostel with the idea of visiting a Sikh temple where I could join some holy congregation. I suddenly made up my mind to go to the Gurdwara Shahid Ganj built in memory of Bhai Taru Singh, the martyr.

Meeting A Mysterious Sage

When I read the gates of Bhai Taru Singh’s Gurdwara, I met a very saintly old Sikh with a white beard. I greeted him with folded hand. He gave a pat on my back and blessing me said: “Now, go into the temple; the Guru’s blessing is with Thee. It is good that you were not attracted by the smoker Yogi. Go inside the temple and you will see the holy Guru Granth Sahib, the Divine Word of the Guru, which is the source of true illumination in this Dark Age. Follow it and you shall be liberated. Seek its sacred presence every morning and read the hymns every day.” After saying these words the mysteriously saintly sage with the white beard disappeared.

Overwhelmed with renewed inspiration of love, I entered the shrine, bowed before the holy Guru Granth Sahib and read a few hymns. I do not remember which they were, but they inspired me with thigh spiritual ideals of Guru’s wisdom. From that day, reading at least one passage from Guru Granth Sahib and reflecting on it became part of my daily worship. I got frequent opportunity to meet and serve Sikh Sangats (congregations). The secret treasures of divine knowledge and the Guru’s wisdom began to be intuitively revealed to me and as all other knowledge appeared to be false knowledge, I could not apply my mind to secular studies.

B.A. examination started. Those were the days when spiritual aspiration and thirst for the knowledge of the Guru’s philosophy was deep and profound. Every moment of my life was occupied by religious thoughts and emotions. Even while answering the examination papers, a wave of spiritual emotion would overwhelm me and my pen stopped writing. I lost all consciousness of the fact that I was answering a question paper. I could not answer the paper any further. The pen would not move on. Who could move it? He who holdeth the pen was absorbed in something else. My mind was so deeply absorbed in divine love that no one dared to disturb me. In this condition of passionate thirst I somehow passed the time. Father received all the news about e. So he came and took me away. He tried to divert my mind to something else. He procured an appointment of Naib Tehsildar for me without consulting me. I will relate in some other letter how I had to pass this time.

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Bhai Randheer Singh Ji - Rangley Sajjan - The Imbued Ones ( Chapter 01 )

Once again with some kirpa daas has found some interesting stuff for you all to read there are many chapter's gur kirpa naal they will also be sent to you all at a later date , wont say much more ... just read it NOW
Chapter 01: Baba Ram Singh and Mata Prem Kaur Ji

The couple were both deeply religious and resided at village Phalewal, about five kms South of Narangwal. Baba Ram Singh Ji was employed in the Army, but had quit at the early age of 33. He had always been greatly attracted towards spiritualism. His plan was that, after leaving the service, he would get baptised and would devote completely to a religious life. While in service, he had a vision that his desire would be fulfilled through a ?Nirban Kirtani Jatha? of dedicated Gursikhs, selflessly devoted to Kirtan and meditation. That is where he would experience true spiritualism and life of religious service, as one of the Jatha.

Prompted by his vision, he left Army to realize his wish. He had landed property in the village and his family was just his issueless wife. She was a very obedient lady. Both decided to get baptised soon. Baba Ram Singh had already been named according to the Sikh rites and his wife was now named Prem Kaur. She came to be popularly known as ?Mata Prem Kaur?. There marriage ceremony was also conducted again according to the Sikh rites ?Anand Karj? during baptism. From then on the couple were life long dedicated members of the Jatha, always happy to serve. Following the Sikh tenets, their life occupation became Nam meditation, service, and sharing. Their service in langar, free kitchen, was exemplary. They were both peace-loving, open-hearted and self-contended people. Their lives were dedicated to service tirelessly with utmost humility. They were the pillars of service in Langar at the Samagms for many years. Never was there a shortage of food or lack of service. Their humility was infectious for all those partaking food in the Langar. Their sweet words mingled with the holy food, prepared by them, to produce the Soul lifting experience. Their meditation was continuous and not even a breath was wasted without Nam. This combination of service and meditation led to their going in deep meditation at times in the Langar, that was specially located close to the place of Akhand Pathh and Kirtan. This enabled Bhai Ram Singh and Mata Prem Kaur Ji to listen to Gurbani while engaged in service. This double action of holy service and Divine word brought glorious shine to their faces and their faces appeared as fonts of Elixir to the beholders causing ripples of spirityal joy in their hearts. They were the ideal couple, the very picture of ?two bodies but one in spirit?. Their spiritual advancement was made even as complete illiterates. This is in accordance with Gurbani:

?The one who meditates on the Lord, attains the highest spiritual Glory whether a scholar or illiterate.?

Thus this couple was illiterate but educated surpassing many of the scholarly persons in Divine knowledge. They were always cheerful. Whenever somebody wanted something from the Langar, they would entertain with sweet words and supply the need. Their virtues of perseverance, contentment and tolerance were a rare sight and most commendable. They would offer all their earnings from their farm land in the name of the Guru. They had a unique cow, that yielded milk all the year round. The cow could be milked anytime, even at mid-night. We had named this cow ?Sura Gaoo? (the divine cow). Whatever they sowed meditatively in their land, after a shower, would grow, yielding a rich crop. Such was the Divine Blessing. Their home grown pulse of whole Manh (phascolus radiatus), prepared in an iron utensil was most delicious. No matter how many people ate, there was never a shortage.

The simple minded, Mata Prem Kaur Ji, attained the state of Divine Revelation. I discovered this, when I would find that she had churned butter milk and specially baked bread of mixed grains, ready for me on my unannounced visits to Phalewal at all odd times. Once I asked her as to how she had come to prepare all fresh food whenever I visited without any notice. She smilingly pointed towards Bhai Sarwan Singh as the source of her information, giving details of departure and arrival as also the number of people accompanying me. Accordingly the food was prepared. I scolded Bhai Sarwan Singh for misuse of the occult powers. However he pleaded that it was not him, but the direct revelation to the Mata. This was just her modest way to put me off.

Such happenings very many. All this was the result of selfless service to God and Nam. Mata Prem Kaur kept her occult powers a hidden secret and never showed off. Occasionally before my jail term, she would say, ?Bai (Elder brother)! There is going to be a prolonged separation. May God be with us.? I would tell her that His Will would be done. This couple served with full dedication up to 1914, with ever more eagerness.

Baba Ram Singh?s serenity and tolerance were limitless. He had so much love for me, that he would not stay without me. There were always Samagams and gatherings of Akhand Kirtan. If ever there was a break, he would come to Narangwal accompanied by Bhai Sarwan Singh. There we would do Simran and Kirtan together. He was extremely regular in attending Kirtans. Once the entire Jatha went to the village Sarhali of Sri Babu Mal Singh Ji in district Amritsar. Enroute we were singing (Kirtan) hymns. Baba Ram Singh fell in deep meditation even while walking. On reaching sarhali Akhand Pathh Samagam started. As usual this couple took up the service in Langar. They were enjoying listening to the Pathh while engaged in service. Many a time elder brother of Babu Ji, Sri Bhai Waryam Singh Ji, would visit Langar to find out if anything was in short supply there. Every time Sri Baba Ram Singh Ji would assure him. There was never really a shortage with the divinely contented couple around.

Along with many others of the Jatha, I was imprisoned in the Ludhiana jail. After some time Bhai Ram Singh was also brought there. He had already prayed for joining us. However he suffered great hardships in jail due to old age and his rigorous discipline of Sarabloh Babek, cooking and eating in iron utensils. The unjust British Rule had orignaly sentenced all of us to life imprisonment, but the revised term for Bhai Ram Singh was for two years. Thus he was freed much ahead of our release, yet his prayerful yearnings for our company were always there.

While still waiting for a reunion, he left for his heavenly abode about four months prior to my release. Even while departing his soul visited me in jail to bid 'Gur Fateh'.

The happy news was that he remained dedicated to the last in God-Love. The loss was just unbearable for Mata Prem Kaur. Though still alive on my return after imprisonment, yet she was a withdrawn person, a caricature of her old self living in a world of her own. She met me very affectionately and had heart to heart talk. In a period of three years she also departed from this world, to join Baba Ram Singh at the Eternal abode.

Here is an example of Baba Ram Singh?s kind, bounteous and compassionate nature. In his extended family relationship, there was a family that had unreasonable sense of animosity towards him since long. One of their members had gone abroad to Chinese and Malayan islands to make his fortune. When he returned with considerable wealth, he had a terrible disease. A young man of six feet height and broad chest, his whole body got stiffened suddenly, incapable of bending or moving. He could only be helped by at least four persons either to lie flat or stand erect, without moving. He had tried all medical help abroad, but to no avail. He returned disappointed to Phalewal and wished to see Bhai Ram Singh. When Baba Ji learnt of this request and his state of illness, he forgot all about the old inimical relationship and wished to be as helpful as possible. This was the time when the entire Jatha happened to be visiting Baba Ji. Taking leave of the Jatha, he went to see the ailing person. The patient cried bitterly while explaining his affliction. He made a request for an Akhand Pathh to pray for his well being, particularly when the Jatha happened to be there of Divine healers. He said that if he died after such an Akhand Pathh, he would be redeemed and if he regained health he would seek baptism along with the entire family to live a dedicated life. The Baba on return repeated the request to the Jatha with moistened eyes. He prayed for the well being of the patient to the holy congregation, with the faith in efficacy of the Divine word and the prayer of holy ones. Who would ever have denied a request from Baba Ji? The next day preparations were made for the Akhand Pathh. The patient was brought by four persons in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The Baba was in attendance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, waving the fly-whisk while standing. Seeing the patient, he addressed with Divine fervor. ?You have erred seriously, that you are not aware of at present . Describe your promise to the Guru in your prayer, while proceeding to make fortune in the foreign lands.? It all came back to the memory of the patient and he told that, ?Yes, Sir! I had made the promise to set aside tithe in the Guru?s name from my earnings. However I sinned against this. In the past ten, twelve years I made a lot of money. While the tithe amount kept mounting, I was lost in worldly pleasures, forgetting all about the promise. This is truly a serious lapse, which is the cause of my affliction.? It was decided, that the correct amount of tithe after calculating, be sent to Hazoor Sahib before the Akhand Pathh was started. The patient immediately dispatched the requisite money through his brother. Now that the Samagam was to start, Baba Ji put the condition, that he would listen to the entire recitation of the Pathh. He readily agreed and asked for permission to listen while lying on the ground, because of his ailment. This was granted. Baba Ji then gave him encouraging words of faith and hope. The Kirtan of Asa-Di-Var started at 4:00 A.M. and ended at 11:00 A.M. There was a congregational prayer before starting the Pathh. The patient was held by four persons in the standing position for the prayer. His body was just like a plank of wood. At the end of the prayer he fell in prostrate position in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. To everybody?s amazement he sat up on his own, without help. Sri Karah Prasad was distributed when Sri Jap Ji was read from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The Baba had prepared Karah Prasad and distributed also. Offering the Prasad to the patient, he said, ?This is the Elixir of Five elements, the most efficacious medicine of all. Eat this.? Soon after he ate, he felt rejuvenated and asked to be left on his own. The miracle was wrought by the Grace of the Guru and he was in normal health by the end of Sri Akhand Pathh. He could walk about normally. The entire assembly was wonder struck as also the medical practitioner. The whole family got baptised singing the Gurbani:

?O, Lord of the weak! With Faith in Thee, I have put my entire family on Thy Ferry.?

This hymn was sung by the entire family. There was ?Guru Ka Langar? and shortly there after he again left for the foreign lands. Baba Ji in particular and the Jatha in general was highly praised for this miraculous feat. Baba Ji wanted all the Jatha to leave immediately to avoid hearing the praise. This is an example of his magnanimity and aloofness from any praise or condemnation.

Hearing of the events concerning this couple from my wife, Kartar Kaur, pertaining the period of my jail term, I would often be moved. However it would render this narration very long, if those were to be included. Thus we end it here.

Chapter 2 , will be email soon :o)

here are som insperational audio sakiyan from bhai sahib bhai randheer singh ji's time's listen to them carefully ...

Awakening of Faith - English - 31m 30sec Approx [download]

Healing through Gurbani - English - 21m 30sec Approx [download]

The Sadhu and Bhai Sahib - English - 33m 30sec Approx [download]

also one last thing here are some pic's of some nice shaster ... ENJOY


The Final Moments of Bhai Sahib's Earthly Life

With the power of his breaths, he said "Vahi" and raised the swaas from his naabh kanval and with "Guru" he took his breaths to teh Gagan Mandal of Dasam Duaar. Again for the second time and then the third time he said "Vahiguru" he put his swaas in Dasam Duaar and then took his place in Gurpuri.

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Akali Singh & The Thugs

Author: Kulbir Singh
Date: 03-25-03 06:45

I have come across an amazing life of a nameless Akali Singh whose jeevan I feel very compelled to share with all of you. Akali jee was 81 years old in 1973, when his life was first written. Akali jee instructed the original author to withhold his name as he did not like to advertise his greatness. Akali jee always stayed in Akali baana and was never seen without shaster (weapons). He led a very simple life and was a great rassiya of Gurbani and Naam. His humility was unmatched and his speech was sweet as honey.

He was arrested by the British government in 1916 and till 1932 he stayed in jail for playing part in the independence of India. After getting released, he went to jail many times and in 1942 he was in jail with Jawahar Lal Nehru; the first prime minister of India. After the independence of India, Akali jee stayed fully independent of worldly responsibilities and led his life helping out others. He forever stayed merged in the Naam of Vaheguru. He would stay in one place for few months and then move on. He did not have any attachments in the world and had no belongings to worry about.

In 1962, he came to the Sipri town of Madhya Pardesh (largest state of India). Sipri town of Madhya Pardesh was greatly infected with crime at that time. There was a small Gurdwara Sahib in the town and Akali jee stayed there during his stay in this town.

One evening, Akali jee finished doing his Rehraas Sahib paath and went out for a walk. While he was coming back from the walk and was walking by a water tank, he heard the moaning of a woman that grew in a loud scream as if she heard someone walk by. Akali jee stopped and started walking towards the back of the water tank and saw about 8-10 men removing the clothes and jewelery of a struggling woman. He also saw a young man tied to a tree.

Akali jee tried to stop the thugs from committing this crime but they did not pay any attention to a old person. How could Akali jee tolerate such cruelty on a helpless woman right in front of him? He did realize his age which was about 71 years at that time, and that he was against about 10 badmaashs (thugs). He briefly closed his eyes and remembered Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee and reminded him of his bachan of Sava laakh se ek laraayoon i.e. I will make my Khalsa fight with 125,000 persons. Akali jee felt immense power at the end of the ardaas and he took his 2 feet long stick and started beating the thugs with it.

When the thugs got hurt with the stick, they all took out their Rampuri knives and attacked Akali jee. Akali jee who was an accomplished player of gatka, immediately changed his paintra and took out his kirpaan. He played gatka in such a way that no badmash could even come near him, let alone hit him. Many of the badmashs got severely injured with his attack. They could not believe that they were being beaten by a 70+ years old man. They tried to subdue him but all in vain. Eventually they all ran away.

Akali jee opened the ropes of the tied young man. He then tried to lift the half unconscious young woman, who was constantly repeating, bachaayo bachaayo (help me, help me). Akali jee took her head in his two hands, brought her near his heart, like a father would do to his distressed daughter, and said, Beta, oh chale gaye hunn. Chal ghar chaliye. (O daughter, they are gone now. Let us go home).

Hearing his comforting voice, she regained her consciousness and the three started walking back to their house. They went to the Gurdwara Sahib but the doors of the Gurdwara Sahib had been locked and the sewadaars did not open the doors even after heavy knocking. At this the three of them walked towards the couple house. The relatives were anxiously waiting for the couple as they had been gone for a long time. When they heard how Akali jee had saved their honour, they wanted to thank Akali jee, but Akali jee had left for the Gurdwara Sahib by then. He stayed outside the Gurdwara all night as the doors were closed.

The girl belonged to a very influential family in the town. At the rise of the day, when everyone found out about the incident, they all came to the Gurdwara Sahib to get the darshan of Akali jee. The Police chief himself came with a lot of people and the press to see Akali jee. The girl who was saved by Akali jee too was along with the huge crowd that came to the Gurdwara Sahib.

The police chief asked the girl about the person who had saved her honour and life. Hearing this the young woman, moved forward and tearfully hugged Akali jee and said, Yeh mere baapoo jee hain, Inhon ne meri jaan bachaayee thee (He is my father who saved my life and honour). This is all that the girl could say and then she burst into tears. The whole atmosphere became very emotional and Akali jee comforted the girl by slowly patting her back.

The people gathered a large amount of money and presented to Akali jee but Akali jee refused to accept it. When they persisted, Akali jee took the money and then in front of them placed the money in front of Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee. The police chief asked Akali jee to stay in the town and that he would ensure that Akali jee got pension for life. Akali jee politely declined the offer saying that after taking the amrit of Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee he has done naukri (job) of only Panth and did not want anything in return.

Hearing such high ideals of Akali jee, the whole crowd started praising him. How could a singh of Guru Gobind Singh jee hear his praise. The newspapers wrote about him too. He left the town and moved on to another unknown destination after that. This story was originally written by Sardar Chanda Singh Bareli and published in 1973.

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Plant Today Reap Tomorrow

If you plant honesty today, you will reap trust tomorrow.
If you plant goodness today, you will reap friends tomorrow.
If you plant humility today, you will reap greatness tomorrow.
If you plant perseverance today, you will reap victory tomorrow.
If you plant consideration today, you will reap harmony tomorrow.
If you plant hard work today, you will reap success tomorrow.
If you plant forgiveness today, you will reap reconciliation tomorrow.
If you plant openness today, you will reap intimacy tomorrow.
If you plant patience today, you will reap improvements tomorrow.
If you plant faith today, you will reap miracles tomorrow.


If you plant dishonesty today, you will reap distrust tomorrow.
If you plant selfishness today, you will reap loneliness tomorrow.
If you plant pride today, you will reap destruction tomorrow.
If you plant envy today, you will reap trouble tomorrow.
If you plant laziness today, you will reap stagnation tomorrow.
If you plant bitterness today, you will reap isolation tomorrow.
If you plant greed today, you will reap loss tomorrow.
If you plant gossip today, you will reap enemies tomorrow.
If you plant worries today, you will reap wrinkles tomorrow.
If you plant sin today, you will reap guilt tomorrow.

So be careful what you plant today, it will determine what you will reap tomorrow.

The seeds you now scatter will make life worse or better your life or the ones who will come after. Yes, someday, you will enjoy the fruits, or tomorrow you will pay for the choices you plant today.

~ Author Unknown ~

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