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How Do We Do Simran?

Daas was asked about swaas simran, also about teaching it and how it is done. I have therefore got relevant articles together and pasted them below.

Technique of Naam Abhyaas

Author: Kulbir Singh
Date: 04-20-04 18:36

It is hukam of Punj Pyaaray to not teach the Gurmat technique of Naam abhyaas to anyone, nor give naam to anyone. Only the Punj Pyaaray have right to do so.

Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee has written about Sant Hira Singh jee Daudpuri, who started giving naam to others. Sant Hira Singh jee was a very accomplished gursikh and used to do naam abhyaas day and night. He was one of the main companions of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee. While doing Naam abhyaas, he used to start floating in the air.

In the village he lived, many became tyaar-bar-tyaar Khalsa, as a result of his sangat. His personal kamaayee increased manifolds. Once a bibi saw Sant jee coming and accosted him, "Vey Hira Siyaan, suniya hai tu jiss dey sirr uppar hath rakh deven, uss noo hosh nahi rehindi. Vey mere sirr uppar vee hath rakh dey" (O Hira Singh, I have heard that on whom you touch on head, he loses consciousness. Place your hand on my head too".

Sant Hira Singh laughingly placed his hand on that old lady's head and she really lost consciousness. Swaas swaas naam started vibrating in her body, with great alacrity. She remained in these colours for more than 24 hours.

This way, playing miracles forbidden by Guru Sahib, Sant Hira Singh jee lost all his kamaayee and one day, he discovered to his horror, that he could not retrieve the darshan of Jyot of Vaheguru. He tried and tried but all in vain. He would go to the side of wells at midnight and do Naam abhyaas, standing on one leg, for hours and hours but all in vain. He could not retrieve his old spiritual state. His inside became dark like normal people. No longer he could view the charan-kamal of Vaheguru. No longer he could get into Dasam Duaar. No longer the divine lotus in his navel would blossom. He did not know what to do.

In such distressed state, he arrived back at Narangwal, the village of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee. Bhai Sahib jee and other accomplished Singhs already knew why he had come. The Singhs at that time had all 5 Akali Shaktis (spiritual powers) and knew everything in and out. They knew the purpose of arrival of Sant Hira Singh jee but kept ignoring him. They did not heed to his requests and supplications.

Sant Hira Singh's agony knew no bounds. His bairaag was uncontainable. He would stay seated where the shoes of sangat were kept and his eyes kept shedding divine tears.

After many days or weeks, the Singhs realised that the time for embracing Sant Hira Singh jee had arrived. They organised an amrit sinchaar and subpeonoed Sant Hira Singh jee. Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee has written what happened inside, very beautifully. Basically, the Punj Pyaaray made him realise that he had lost all his spiritual state because he had started giving naam and technique all alone. They said that this was the sole right of the Punj Pyaaray and no one else had any right to give naam.

Sant Hira Singh jee repented his mistake and within moments, his spiritual state came back. He was back in his old spiritual state in no time.

From this saakhi, we clearly learn that we don't have authority to teach naam to anyone. By the same token, if Singhs are doing naam abhyaas in their house where non-amritdharis too live, they don't have to do it gupt abhyaas. They can do it loudly as long as they are in their room. If they are absorbed in abhyaas and some sees them or hears them, they don't lose anything.

If sangat at a gurdwara sahib is doing abhyaas and a person who has not got naam driR comes, there is no need to stop doing abhyaas. We cannot stop anyone from coming to Gurdwara Sahib and it is not right to do so either. If someone comes, and has not got naam driR, that person will not come second time, as he will have no idea what Singhs are doing. Only that person, who has got naam driR, can do abhyaas with singhs. Others would freak out and not come second time.

Rest Guru Sahib knows. This is all I have learned from sangat.

Kulbir Singh

How Do We Do Simran?

Daas feels very upset when ‘Amritdhari Gursikhs’ approach to me and ask ‘how do we do simran?’ Worst of all is when these Gursikhs have been Amritdhari for some time. Majority of the time Daas is led to believe it is not all their fault. Sikhi is a very spiritual religion, infact, probably the most spiritual religion ever created and ever to be created. However, how can we be spiritual and call ourselves Gursikhs without meditation (Simran).

Ik Pal Khin Visrehi Too(n) Suaamee Jaanao Baras Pachaasaa
If I were to forget You, for a moment, even for an instant, O Lord Master, it would be like fifty years for me.

Daas’ opinion is when Abhilaakees (Candidates for Amrit) go to take Amrit, it is the duty of the Panj Piaare (Five beloved ones) to teach these Gursikhs how to do Simran and the Panj Piaare should also be Jeevan vale Singhs, Abhiyaasee Singhs, (very spiritual). This is so they can inform the Abhilaakees about ups and downs that they may face in their lives, different stages of spirituality, Amritvela, Athai Pehar Simran (24 hours simran) etc, so, the Abhilaakees get a fine idea that the path they are going to tread on is not easy and it is the strict path of meditation, leading us in reunion with Vahiguroo again.

Daas is a firm believer in sharing Spiritual wisdom, as it improves our Jeevan (life) and someone else’s Jeevan aswell.

Aap Japo, Avraa Naam Japaavo
(Meditate yourself and inspire others to meditate).


If we have not been taught how to meditate by the Panj Piaare, Daas recommends one should go and present ourselves (pesh) to the five beloved ones, as they will teach us meditation. Daas know of one Jathebandee that carry’s out this type of practice, namely the Akhand Keertanee Jathaa, there may be more. All Panthik Panj Piaare should carry out this type of practice, for the upliftment of the Panth.
BASICS OF SIMRANFirst of all we meditate out loud using our lips and tongue, as you can imagine this type of practice can not be carried out 24 hours a day (Athai Pehar).

KhaR Dargaihi Painaaeeai Mukh Har Naam Nivaas
They are dressed in robes of honor in the Court of the Lord; the Name of the Lord
is on their lips. 3

Secondly comes Swaas Swaas Simran. This is what the five beloved ones teach us, even this practice becomes difficult do 24 hours a day, because of worldly affairs etc. Bhai Raghbir Singh Bir, in Bandginama, talks about this practice, he says, “When you say Vah you breathe in and when you say Guroo you breathe out”

Saahi Saahi Thujh Sunmulaa Kudhae Na Visaaraeo
With each and every breath, I dwell upon You; I shall never forget You.

Third comes meditating in the mind and contemplating the Shabad. So, basically listening to the Mantar and contemplating it at the same time, this can only be achieved through dedication and plenty practice. When we contemplate the Shabad we think about how beautiful Vahiguroo is and he created this beautiful creation, automatically ‘Vah Vah’ (Great, Great) comes out of our mouth; this naturally gives us Naam Ras, Prem Ras, Amrit Ras. Daas will write about this subject in depth later on. Now this is the time we can do Simran Athai Pehar (24 hours) without anyone knowing what is going on inside, but we are in total ecstasy, people will know there is something different about us but they will not know what, as their spirits will be attracted to ours without their body knowing. AURA ENERGY PRESENCE.

Gurmukh Man Samjhaaeeai Aatham Raam Beechaar
The Gurmukhs train their minds to contemplate the Lord, the Supreme Soul. 2

Then comes the fourth stage when the concentration of the Shabad goes in to the Dasam Duaar, this is an amazing stage because life becomes very easy and meditation carries on by itself in Sehaj (peace). We just accept Guroo Sahibs Bhaana (will) as sweet, our mind is not affected by any negative thoughts or actions at all just Anand and Sehaj (peace and poise) total contentment. The concentration has reached the crown Chakraa and there is no coming back down, total upliftment. This stage comes with Mahaaraj’s blessings and past Karam (deeds) plus plenty of Abhiyaas.

Hirdhae Pargaas Giaan Gur Gunmith Gagan Manddal Mehi Dhiaanaanaa
My heart is illuminated by spiritual wisdom; meeting the Guru, I meditate in the Sky of the Tenth Gate.

Oodh Kaval Jis Hoe Pargaasaa Tin Sarab Niranjan Deethaa Jeeo
Those, whose inverted lotus of the crown chakra is illuminated, see the Immaculate Lord everywhere.

Daas would just like to finish off by saying Simran in Sikhi is not about technique for meditation, it is about loving the Lord Vahiguroo and what he created.

Gupt Wannabe Naam Abhiyaasee


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