Sunday, February 26, 2006

Guru Hargobind Sahib on How to Meet Vaheguru

One day gursikhs called Bhai Bhagvaan Daas, Bhai Bodla Malik, Pirthee Mal, Dalloo Bhagat, Shyaam Daas and Sunder came to the darbar of Guru Hargobind Sahib. They did matha tek to Guru Sahib and pleaded before Guru Sahib to show them the way to swim across this terrible ocean i.e. unity with Vaheguru.

It is written in the Sikh history that Guru Sahib gave them the following lessons to attain unity with Vaheguru:

1) Make a dharamshaala (Gurdwara) in your town.
2) Get up at amritvela and assemble at the Dharamshaala.
3) Do Naam abhyaas during amritvela.
4) After Naam abhyaas recite Gurbani.
5) Then spend some time to discuss and interpret the meanings of Gurbani.
6) Perform ardaas at the end of the diwaan.
7) During the day earn your living through honest means.
8) Never subscribe to dishonesty and fraud.
9) During the evening time assemble at the Dharamshaala.
10) Recite Rehraas Sahib and do kirtan.
11) After ardaas return to your homes and sleep after doing Sohila.
12) Help out poor Sikhs who need help.
13) Celebrate Gurpurabs.
14) Keep your mind humble and kill your ego.

The Sikhs who had done benti obeyed the hukams of Guru Sahib and this is how they swam across this terrible ocean of life and death.

By Bhai Kulbir Singh Jee

Monday, February 06, 2006


A few hours at amritvela everyday would be best but i think thats still a long way away for most of us... so here's a few ways to pack simran into the rest of your day:

- 5-10 minutes right after waking up while still in bed
- 30 minutes before and/or after nitnem
- 15 minutes after coming home from somewhere [school/work]
- 15 minutes before and/or after rehraas sahib
- 30 minutes before sleeping
- simran in the car and while walking
- 2 minutes of simran for every minute spent on the computer

If simran is done at night before sleeping, you'll automatically wake up doing simran. doing simran throughout the day like this also helps keep simran on your mind at all other times.

This is some advice a elder Gursikh Veer gave me regarding Amritvela and simran [hope he doesn't mind me posting it here]:

Do as much as you can, The reason you find it hard is because your hunger and thirst of naam has not come to a level where it surpasses other feelings such as sleep and tiredness.

So rather than push amrit vela. i would advise you to concentrate on your Rehras. Build an abyass routine with your rehras and slowly build it stronger. Try and get to a situation where you do an hour or two of simran abyass everyday. I tend to listen to rainsbhai kertan when I do abyass. Within one month, you will build good consistency in your abyass. You will get more Rass, and you will slowly automaticaly wish to increase your Rass. With this your Amrit vela will come because your body will wish to feel more rass.

It sounds easy, but you will find alot of distractions. That is where the battle of the mind happens. limit your distractions and maximise your potential.


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